“In the name of promoting creatives in Denver” we have a 5 letter word: POSER!

This blog is response to recent FACTS that have been revealed in Denver’s fashion community. Feathers have been ruffled once again, however this time there is a consequence… Equillibrium is protective of the community we’ve helped cultivate since Y2K, our brand/ identity/ ETHICS, and our best interest to keep the facts straight.


If one “supports” creatives, one nurtures them. Allowing them to do THEIR OWN thing. You do not put your suffocating grip into every facet of fashion in Denver, with ILL-intent to turn it into your own narcissistic side show. Stop sucking the creative life out of your surroundings in the name of being “inspired by other creatives”. The way you apply it is being a BITER! A true creative would NOT take self-proclaimed credit for a scene or style your were NEVER a pioneering source for starting. There is room for ALL contributors, ESPECIALLY those who “inspired you”, and credit should always be given were credit is due. The DISRESPECT has never gone unnoticed, but has gone unaddressed long enough.

It is apparent you have no clue about the culture you POSE to be from. There is no sign of the reverence and respect Equillibrium is rooted in from our lifestyle and passions… you know who you are, or it will become apparent over time as your web of hypocrisy untangles with transparency. May the force be with you, our Jedi has been training.


3 thoughts on ““In the name of promoting creatives in Denver” we have a 5 letter word: POSER!

  1. The referenced “Poser” in this blog has announced folding its doors as of 2/22/11. A brand marketed with Green Washing tactics, an over extended supply chain attached to a stomping carbon footprint, and biting on what others do will NEVER be “sustainable”…. being true to what you are and existing with in your means is… R.I.P.

    The cream will continue its rise to the top!

    • We always set a high standard to reach by example; and if hypocrites make us look by f-ing w/ us in any way… well, they just might be sorry they made us look…. no room for that in the name of sustainability. There is already a lot for consumers to digest, with out misinformation by uneducated do-gooders that have a poor track record of being about it and just talk about it! Thanx 4 the props!

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