Equillibrium’s review of Red Drinks Denver

Last Tuesday; March 1, 2011 Red Drinks Denver launched, and was a success!

The gathering commenced at 5:30p and lasted, for some, well beyond the 8’clock hour. After the mezzanine began to fill, Tricia Hoke and Deb Henriksen of Equillibrium took the mic to thank all who made it, and introduce Fashion Group International’s Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson to speak on behalf of the Organization. Soon Lisa Ramfjord Elstun of LRE Couture took stage to share beneficial tips for networking at Red Drinks… and expressed not to be shy-  speak up during an “open mic” to share your purpose to professionally connect at Red Drinks.

Many familiar and new faces were in the crowd (Gino Velardi, Jose Duran, Andrea Li, Bailey Rose,  & Jil Cappuccio to name a few)  and we must say- we heart See Optical. Later in the evening as plenty of amazing pizza bites and red drink specials floated around, the Red Dressed Drawing occured. The lovely ladies of See drew and gave a generous $100 gift certificate to the winner : Beth Backer! Be sure to join us next first Tuesday in April, when Equillibrium’s own Deb Henriksen will take the mic to speak about conscious consumption, green washing, and conscious design along with our local “eco-alliances” Jil Cappucio and Kristen with Pearl! A small trunk show of the three brands will be on site for cash and carry sales if interested 🙂

SPONSORS OF RDD: Double Daughter’s Salotto & Two Fisted Mario’s, Fashion Group International-Denver, See Optical, Tricia Hoke Designs, Super Screenprint, LRE Couture, and Equillibrium


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