Equillibrium for tomorrow’s Rising Sun…

So there have been a LOT resonating with Equillibrium lately through the symbol of a rising sun. First, we have exciting news for another show for the roster in May. Equillibrium’s Deb Henriksen was selected to be one of 8 top Denver Fashion Designers to make a runway look for Vitamin Water. We know, sounds weird, however – $1K given to the wining look… which translates to a better EQ Vol III line offered to you later this year! With that said, Deb is going for it.  The flavor chosen from Vitamin Water is “Focus”, she picked this a few weeks ago.. fellow sk8ers from the 90’s better be feelin’ Deb on this… we don’t want to spell it out, she’d rather show you. More details to follow l8r…

O.K. so back to this rising sun thing… the obvious is Japan. That speaks for itself, but before this tragedy occurred- we were reminded of our love for Christan Hosoi (hint: Focus reference above).

EQ Rising slik charmuese applique

EQ Rising slik charmuese applique, made from scrap silk, hand dyed, and sewn (hand made like a traditional Japanese Kimono appliqué)

Which leads back to Japan, which for us brings up the power of water, which brings up the power of steam… and the power from nuclear fission… which brings up the WORLD. I know, dove right in there. But, think about it… everything is everything. We want this discussed and debated… do you know enough about nuclear power to have an opinion either way- you absolutely should because we ALL create the demand for it and use it directly or indirectly… remember- everything is everything. Neither created, nor destroyed… a transfer from one form of matter to another. THAT is physical science and how it is- period… until proven otherwise (which is always a possibility).

So looking at things from the waste side, not a fan of nuclear power plants… from mining, to transit, to isotope wastes generated- not a fan. We like the lack of CO2 emissions, but at what cost? Risks outweigh benefits tenfold on our scale.

Get informed, start here with this How Stuff Works link on Nuclear Power. This is a serious issue that effects the world. The answer is NOT more power plants. We must work on our consumption. We need to get off non-renewable, heavy carbon emitting resources fueling our lives, and get our use in check. Diversify with renewable energy (while being mindful of environmental and social impacts). Retrofit and build LIVING buildings (living buildings are soo efficient they give back to the grid). Which leads to the most important theme in recovery from our ‘addiction”- ENERGY EFFICIENCY to REDUCE our overall CONSUMPTION. That is number one. The trilogy of the rising sun in recent experiences is summed up this way… Hosio, Japan, nuclear… look at the symbol. Challenging times for humanity, we must be informed and speak for science, compassion, and a sustainable future COLLECTIVELY… to see the next rising sun.


... your thoughts?

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