Equillibrium in “Denver’s Top 10” at Denver Style Expo, and promoting sustainability in fashion at April’s Red Drinks Denver!

Last weekend kicked off the first annual Denver Style Expo event with success! There were many great highlights during the weekend’s festivities for all things style, but the “Denver Top 10” Finale Fashion Show was the brightest! MAN, Denver’s got TALENT! Equillibrium was proud to show amongst our piers and mentors… some of whom are quite famous since the last time we showed together (ie: Mondo and Charlie Price)… but felt just like “old times”. One of the best parts, which you cannot tell from photos, was the un-traditional runway music Equillibrium selected… Iron Maiden, “Wasted Years”! Pretty SWEET! Not sure how many in the audience got it, but they felt it!

Equillibrium is proud to say ALL of our Krew down the runway live it, love it, and wear it and the translation was seamless! We also enjoyed the other designers’ lines who showed… Gino Velardi, Mona Lucero, Tricia Hoke,
Jose Duran, Kotomi Yoshida, Andrea Li, Charlie Price, and Mondo Guerra!!! Sorry if we missed anybody. Thank you to Dana Cain and her production staff- we were pleased with how easy you made it for us! Very Professional!Needless to say we are looking forward to next year’s DSE, when EQ will ROCK the runway again!

On another note, last night was April’s Red Drinks Denver. Our own Deb Henriksen spoke about sustainability in fashion and conscious consumption. Good turn out- especially with fashion burn out that has fatigued the area from the weekend. Jill Cappuccio and Pearl Clothing had a small trunk show on the platform to show ways sustainable design can work. Thank you Jill and Kirsten for participating! We heart U both! Also Thank you again Double Daughter’s for being gracious hosts for our event and Trish Hoke for all you do!

With that said, we’d like to take a minute to recap Deb’s message- for all of you who couldn’t make it. The fact is, the power to create change is in the dollar. Consumers need to be conscious and educated with every purchase to vote for what they believe in the “free market”…. wholesale consumers as well as retail consumers. Reward the Vendors, Companies, and Brands displaying responsible business practices and watching the size of their carbon footprint. “It is not just WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.” explained Deb. There are many Companies who say they are “green”, but contradict their message with unsound logistics and ethics practiced in operations. This type of hype and misrepresentation in the Environmental Industry is called “GREEN WASHING”. “Caveat emptor”… don’t support their lies, and they will stop- hopefully even fold. The main message Deb gave was how much can be done through behavior for our sustainability. She acknowledged the industry certifications like LEED in green building, however recent studies have shown behavior to be essential in making a difference in conservation. (Dr. Jeni Cross, Assistant Sociology Professor – CSU). We have the power of choice all the time,  it is pertinent we choose wisely for our own sustainability! The focus must be on closing the loop and the first “R” of the three “R’s”: REDUCE, reuse, recycle… we need to get on an energy and waste lifestyle change. Changing your perspective will evoke change in behavior. Be curious, ask questions, create demand for better… it will change your life for the better, and everyone will benefit! 



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