Equillibrium’s Advice to Spruce up your Holiday look on a budget.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hard to believe it is that time of year already… and on that note, it can be tricky to have enough “cheer” to go around. Here’s a few suggestions to give yourself a boost while giving to others. Truly gifts and looks you can feel good about!

Give your or someone Else’s look pop by accessorizing!!!! Hand bags, scarves, brooches, hair pieces, etc. can ALL be styled in harmony to make something old new again! See what you’ve got, know what you love, make note of what you “need” and have fun with it. You’re gut will let you know what works and what won’t…. BIG designer word of advice: LESS IS MORE, QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. For example, one focal piece, like Equillibrium’s “Free Bird” hair/ pin series, can be all the accessorizing you need! We’re compiling a top 10 list of Boutiques, Causes, and Products to share ASAP!


... your thoughts?

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