Equillibrium’s Top 10 List for Giving!

Well, this may have some lists within the list, but hope it helps stimulate money well spent. Equillibrium’s TOP 10 List of Giving are:

1.Shop Local Retailers!!!! Here are a few in the Denver/Metro Area…  Boutiques:

Board Shops:

2. Philanthropy for a good cause, gifted in the recipient’s name. Some causes to highlight are: Humanitarian (Natural Disaster Victims, War Victims, Homeless, Addicts, etc.), Endangered Species (wolves, bears- esp. Polar Bear, raptors, whales, sharks, etc.), Environment (clean air, clean water, EPA regulation, Corporate responsibility)  Here are some  accomplished, accredited, and WORTHY organizations to support:

3. Etsy: Here’s some of Denver’s Talent up on Etsy!

4.  Support Companies you know are socaially and environmentally responsible!

5. Gift Certificate to a local, independent restaurant!

6. Gift Certificate with a local tattoo artist!

7. Music from a local, independent band!

8. Shop Vintage! If in Denver, hit South Broadway!!

9.  Need to be thrifty? Go see what’s at a local Thrift Store, you never know…

10. Give something handmade by YOUR hands! Can be food, apparel, ornaments, whatever!

Hope you receive equal to what you give! Happy shopping and warmest Holiday wishes from Equillibrium!!!!!