… in the eye of the beholder

Here’s some insight for consumers and a quick blog on a topic coming up a LOT lately… ARSENIC (a known carcinogen), most recently in organic brown rice. This is just a quick blog, but is meant to empower your choices in what you consume both monetarily and physically. The coverage on the arsenic levels in baby formulas, granola bars, and other food items sweetened with organic brown rice is troublesome. Too much focus by media is put on the current soil use for organic brown rice, when the first question to be answered should be, “How did the arsenic get in the soil?” The answer to this is usually pesticide use prior to current regulation in effect from the EPA, OSHA, USDA, FDA, and preferred practices like organic farming. There is another question to answer for accountability of the PRP’s (Potentially Responsible Parties) who contaminated the soils and did not have to clean-up it up to RCRA standards. “HOW did an organic farm get approved with contaminated soils?” We’ll see if this one is addressed.

Here is an article to share (from 2007!) which addresses the first question. Regional for sure. READ LABELS, knowledge is always power. Train your mind to seek the systemic root of the problem and let logic through science lead the way….