More than words… action.

Husky LOVE!

click on pic for Siberian Husky Rescue link

It has been hard to blog lately, more words flooding the brain then able to keep up with… leaving it difficult to know where to begin. For now I feel the need to express more than ever how important it is to focus on our similarities rather than the differences.

Humans need to be conscious in our thoughts, intentions, spoken word, and actions. Equillibrium was never created to be on trend, but to be a vehicle of insight on the “story of stuff”, story of change  (watch that movie, the project ROCKS!)…  we must be conscious in our living days and treat ALL living things well, including but not limited to: water, marine life, trees, wildlife, humans…. our entire planet! Please watch this video about our beloved wolves. Hear their story- the science and facts behind what is happening and join the fight for wolves!

One last need to mention we all share is the need for water! Fashion, as it turns out has been contributing its own unique polymer (molecular structure of plastics) into our Ocean and is now contributing to pollution and food chain contamination in the Arctic. Please read this article about the problem, it is well referenced and scientifically sound. Picture 1 Click on polar bear pick for kool link and cause.

                      “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
                                   Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948) 
              Peace on Earth, good will to ALL this Holiday Season and EVERY season!