We see you…


Equillibrium Wolf Mask made from 100% upcycled goat fur (both looks in shot Equillibrium Kustoms line F/W 2013- Whiteout 2013 Fashion Show)

We hear you… we will not allow the mistakes of the past to repeat. We will not engage in the acts of fear and hatred but prevail in the light of LOVE, TRUTH, and FAITH! Faith our beloved wolves agreed to teach us a lesson with their howls of sorrow. We see you mirror back to us the weaknesses in our own society’s social structure and disconnect from each other, by not respecting the strength of the wolves’ family bonds… and not trusting nature. States have sold out for revenues through licensing and special interests of Industry for profit margins… we are threatening species, land, air, water, and spiting the noses on our faces through our “hunts” on apex predators and keystone species.

We can coexist, we MUST coexist. We NEED the wolf, however the wolf is better off without the likes of us unless policy and behavior CHANGE! Industry practices MUST change to coexist! Consumers must demand this, for ethics be an ingredient in products of all kinds. We are human and therefore humane, it is time we ALL live like it in 2013! If there is no demand, hunters and poachers will STOP! There must be shame in certain animal trades, not pride, take the asian ivory trade for example… Japanese whaling as another… Polar Bear trade in Canada, Shark finning in Costa Rica, and it goes on and on and on… the common thread is irresponsible consumption creating ignorant demand by the human. Well, get BOTHERED and GET ENLIGHTENED! Make a stand, not as an irate hippie, but as an educated and compassionate human being striving for the middle… fighting for logic and truth!

Also  may I suggest you follow Howling for Justice here on WP- she is on it! Howl Colorado is another, linking to more… These are excellent resources to activate your inner wolf warrior and stand for truth in science for coexistence! This is one of many fronts to protect our predators, they ALL need our voice to be heard!

This year we have and will HOWL louder than ever! Please join us,  get engaged in this issue. We will keep you posted with what we’ve got in the works… you will LOVE IT, and it will be a collaboration of forces also likely to involve a runway!