Ecological Benefits of Wolves

Please read. We must protect these species, we NEED them. Complacency Kills and silence is deafening… HOWL!!!!

Exposing the Big Game

Here’s an overview from the Wyoming Sierra Club on some of the good things wolves do for their environment, for those who need reminding…


Wolves play a vital role in maintaining the health and sustainability of the landscape in the greater Yellowstone region and our western lands. They are a keystone species, one that has a disproportionate impact on its environment relative to its abundance. Since their return in 1995, wolves have benefitted this ecosystem by regulating prey numbers and movements—allowing streambank habitats to recover, reducing densities of coyotes, and providing food for scavengers.

The most recognized and well-documented ecological benefit of wolves is that they have resumed the important role of maintaining healthy wildlife herds in the northern Rockies by selecting young, old, physically impaired, or diseased animals. (5) By reducing prey numbers, dispersing these animals on the landscape, and removing sick animals, wolves also may reduce…

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