Met Ball 2013

Hell ya! Took the words right out of my mouth!! And repeat, shame on Gwen… if you used to be, you never really were. You know this!


Wow! Is really my first reaction to going through the Met Ball photos. Was the dress code on the invitation not written clearly enough or do people not understand what Punk means, opting instead for either the dullest dresses of all time, or even more bizarrely, gothic-Renaissance. I am usually so excited for the fashion at this event; all the designers get to be as creative as they want, models and actresses are prepared to push the boat out, because it’s a themed gala for goodness sake!!! I will just post a couple of pictures of punk for reference and if you honestly think that anyone got close to this era/ethos/movement/ let me know, because for me this was an EPIC fail. We will start off with the few good looks and then fade into the plain wrong.






punk13Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello, below, looks a little Michael Jackson Thriller/Beat…

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