Take-aways in Pandemic Times…

It has sure been a minute since writing a blog, but something rang out today that needed to be heard in my thoughts… I am writing first person, not what I usually do but my main reference on this blog is my thoughts and my gut that are directly connected to my education and experiences. What I apply to sustainable fashion from my training and education in Environmental Health is what makes me good at what I do.  Studying human health and the environment has been very beneficial in applying sustainable practices running Equillibrium.  After all context defined by education drives all of our human behaviors. Why education for all is essential to get the best outcome in society for the whole.


I’d like to sound off about take away I hope most can get from this Covid19 Pandemic.  How preventable the spread of this to a pandemic level this could have been.  If good leadership addressed the news immediately, with all scientific methodologies adhered to, at the time of an outbreak many may not have lost their lives from it.  It is not that contracting this isn’t preventable. It is more that no reasons are given for precautions to take, so behaviors that spread the virus continue and some take it to a personal level of infringing on rights.  Please take note the cost we all pay for politicizing a global human health crisis.  A cohesive message rooted in scientific fact providing context would be encouraging for driving good human behavior… unfortunatley the U.S. has been provided anything but by someone who likes to play Dictator in a Domocracy.

Further, good hyiegenic practices and proper hand washing is essential for human health.  This is not new, and if you hadn’t practiced sanitation before like this, better late than never.  Keep it up all your life.


Pay attention to the function, not “flare”, of your PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).  An expample of a human health designed reusable face mask is the one for Equillibrium.

Equillibrium Face Mask

Equillibrium Reusable Face Mask

The textiles are organic hemp and organic cotton (so natural, pesticide free, and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal).  The natural fibers in the textile I chose breath and becuase of the hemp, does not collect or grow bacteria and mold.  You are breathing your own air over and over in a face mask, so this matters.  Further, my seams are dammed, so the outside cover stitch is covered by the inner layers.  This is because we must be minful to not compromise the mask integrity with uneccessary perferations or surfaces from embelishments and adornments.  Those are extra surfaces for whatever is in the air to stick to and grow on.  They are also likely hard to clean as well. The sides of the mask are open to insert paper filter material of choice. Anything can be better than nothing in dense public spaces.  The fabric will help cover a cough, but it will not keep out this virus. You need a filter with the proper microns of protection for that.  To extend the life of the mask, the elastic is replaceable… the face mask can become a tie mask if preferred as well.  Important for the design to be customizeable to the wearer’s needs and preference.

I’d also like to hightlight a big positive coming out of this. That is the fact that airlines, grocery stores, and all public spaces have brought their sanitation practices up to a high standard that benefits us all (and should have been in place already). Again, “better late than never”.  Know you are responsible for your own health and choices.  Be smart, be as cautious as you need to for comfort and be extra cautious if you are high risk… stay safe, well, and strong.