… about Equillibrium

The Equillibrium brand has over 20yrs of LIVING IT behind its message. EQ is not only accredited through an active lifestyle heavily influenced by skate/surf/snow/punk rock, but from formal education and professional experience in Environmental Health, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Design, & displaying transparency/triple bottom line (TBL) ethics since 1998! AWARDED by FGI in 2007 and 2010 for our PROFESSIONALISM and EXCELLENCE in Street Wear, Equillibrium is a Female-Rider, LEED AP owned/ designed/ operated business. Our standards for quality, ethics, and detail have been ahead of the times since its conception. Based in Denver, CO, Equillibrium is a slow-fashion lifestyle brand . We specialize in apparel, handbags, and accessories. Equillibrium’s focus is on quality not quantity.
“From the CORE, for the CORE… LIVE IT, WEAR IT!”


... your thoughts?

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