Summer is in balance with Equillibrium, a brand that gives !

SunflowerSummer is in full swing and we’d like to share with you some kool events Equillibrium will be a part of!

Equillibrium's Pillow Dress Donation

Equillibrium’s Pillow Dress Donation for Fashion Denver’s 2015 Dress Drive

First, quickly approaching event is this Saturday; June 14, 2015 at Studio Salon put on by Fashion Denver. It is a dress drive, we dropped off our dress donation yesterday (see pick to the left). Click here to read more about it on the Fashion Denver Website.

Next up on the roster is for the Denver Art Museum’s Final Friday Untitled Series. Friday June 26th will be an Untitled event hosted by DAM called Habitat. 6 of Denver’s Best were invited to submit for this event. They are as follows (and not in any particular order): Olivia McLean (ViVi), Deb Henriksen (Equillibrium), Mondo Guerra (Mondo), Sun Rose Iron Shell (Warrior Status), Sarah Folzenlogen (LoHi Bags), and Brandi Shigley (B. Shigley Designs). We are each given 1YD of natural cotton broadcloth to print on and make a bag from. Our pieces will be on display, and we aill have a panel discussion on our design concepts and what Habitat means to us. We LOVE it when topics like this merge into fashion! For Equillibrium and our customers, they are very related at all times. Hope to see you there at this special Untitled: “Habitat” event…

Fragile Xpressions Fashion Show benefit for Children's Hospital

Fragile Xpressions Fashion Show benefit for Children’s Hospital

As we recover from Summer Solstice 2015/ Go Skateboarding Day, no time is wasted. Our Creator, Deb Henriksen, will be again participating as a judge in Fragile Xpressions– a fundraiser fashion show for Children’s Hospital on Sunday June 21, 2015 at the Tivoli Center Downtown Denver. The designer challenge is to created a look from up-cycled denim. The dresses will go to auction to raise money for the Hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.29.27 PM

2nd Annual Dave Tuck Memeorial Pool Jam in Ann Arbor, MI

For those who want more action than a runway, will be in the Midwest, and sk8, a great event to attend is the 2nd Annual Dave Tuck Memorial Pool Jam at Tuck’s Hometown of Ann Arbor, MI. EQ donated some product for the event. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go to Michigan due to scheduling conflicts at the end of June.

In July, The Stronghold Society’s One Gathering at Denver Park will be hosting the third annual Amber Cangilose Memorial Girl’s Pool Jam Competition. The event and charity associated promote living life with passion. Please click the link for the event and learn more about the Stronghold Society. We are proud to be a part every year and collaborate with others who’s work is close to our heart… we will be popped up at this event. Look for the Equillibrium arrows and B/W awning stripes, say HI!

3rd annual AC Memorial Girl's Jam at Stronghold Society's One Gathering 2015 Denver Park

3rd annual AC Memorial Girl’s Jam at Stronghold Society’s One Gathering 2015 Denver Park

Equillibrium is a Gift that Shines…

WhoMadeMyClothes2015Loosing your passion seems to be a natural cycle in life, especially for creatives and entrepreneurs in the Fashion Industry. We hit unforeseen obstacles, often don’t get paid our worth, and therefore don’t live up to our own expectations much of the time. These are challenging times, with more competition than ever coming out of the wood work… and everyone deserves a chance to live out their dreams and passions just as you do. So how do you create the distance needed to not feel encroached upon, or get a bad attitude when others are more “inspired by you” for their own projects rather than “$upporting you” for what you created? This is a reality Equillibrium has felt since it was born, and is not easy to handle at times. We want you to know we are a real brand that faces real struggles and has real love and passion for all we do in fashion, lifestyle, and advocacy. Equillibrium is a gift to consumers, especially in today’s market. We accept the  responsibility to keep our passion alive, and we choose to see “inspiration” from what we do as an affirmation we are doing something right!


We know deep in our CORE, Equillibrium is unique and so is our offering. Though painful at times, when targeted as a threat or not fully embraced/ included in events we know we had to be consciously disregarded from, we consider the source. We must question how it serves us to be associated, and perhaps decide it is time to walk away if actions do not align with words… we have control over what we choose to pay attention to. We will never allow anyone’s ego make us feel small, for that is not where we come from, we are LOVE. A constant evaluation and cleansing of what we allow in our world to move toward the bigger picture is the driving force that pushes us on.

Recently, a financial set back we faced had to do with a Copyright protected thumbnail image innocently used in one of our blog posts back in October 2013. We cannot get specific due to the confidentiality agreement we signed in a settlement, but it was an expensive lesson on “free images” from the web. Here is a website that can give you an idea of the litigation we went through in the past month to reach a settlement: Extortion Letter Information. Legalized Extortion and Corporate Bullying is real and can happen to anyone. So beware and don’t let it happen to you or your business. A website to check image use online is Tin Eye…. we found the sight a bit confusing, and we now have a policy of only using our own original images to avoid this occurrence from ever happening again.


There are so many challenges in running your own brand and business, allowing others to bully and hold you down is not an option. Burning bridges is not something we advise, as you never know when you need to cross them again. However, some bridges are damaged and not the best route to take. We would like you to know we LOVE you! We could not exist with out the love and support we have from everyone who believes in Equillibrium as a brand and lifestyle! We have so much to offer, and will continue to persevere through the challenges that make us stronger in the end. When you are a bright light, there will always eyes that want it dimmed. Equillibrium will always shine bright, so don’t forget your shades. In the battle against darkness, Equillibrium is a force to be reckoned with! We have exciting events coming up in June and July from our CORE SK8 roots we will be filling you in on the next blog! Stay tuned, so much more to come!!

… not just a day, but Equillibrium’s way of life!

The poster for Earth Day Denver Event in Cive Center PArk on 4/22/15 10a-2p

Earth Day Every Day. That is the way of life we come from. A throwback to this was Earth Day 1991 in Fort Collins, CO. Our Founder, Deb Henriksen, designed her first T-shirt for CoPIRG, a nonprofit she volunteered for while attending CSU. It read, “It’s not just a day, it’s a way of life!” Equillibrium Punk Mother graphic

As an advocate for your “Mother,” Equillibrium will be at the first Earth Day Event in Denver, CO on Wednesday; April 22, 2015 (10a-2p at Civic Center Park Downtown)! Equillibrium Eco-Disaster look

Come find us in the “WASTE” section of the event. We will be educating consumers, displaying our look from February’s Eco-Disaster Fashion Show, running video clips for educating consumers, and giving away some swag too. We are going to have a drawing for a “FRACK OFF” shirt at 1:30p for those who come by and sign up for our e-mail to get news, specials, and more! Come see us and sign up! Equillibrium Frack OFF graphic Hopi Holy Earth Symbol Earth Day Denver

Equillibrium is a Fashion Brand with FIERCE Intentions…

EQstinkWe’ll just come out with it. CANCER STINKS!!! The past five years have been plagued with this word, and new warriors have been recruited into the fight along the way. Some we’ve lost and some survived only to return to battle again, and for others the battle rages on. Helpless does not begin to describe the feeling that overwhelms you as loved ones are recruited, forcing you to wonder if you’re next.

Equillibrium would like to contribute to the war against cancer in the way we are best able. A few weeks back we introduced, and launched the Bodhi Collection. A Collection we started for our store on TheCotery. We thought long and hard about what, why, how we could make it work with Equillibrium’s high standards for sustainability. Our founder, Deb Henriksen, did an interview with TheCotery to further explain the decision and design process for this project.


There are 12 days left to get the first T- into production, tell cancer it STINKS, and get money into a hospital making progress against this disease- St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 10% of proceeds will be donated directly to St. Jude’s specifically for research for a cure, and preventative medicine!


Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.52.48 PM

EQ “Stinker” T for EQuillibrium’s “Bodhi Collection” on TheCotery


Equillibrium 2015 LB shoot “SK8” pictured: Jenni Helms & Whiskey Tee Steve Babirad Photography …. in loving memory of Dave Tuck and Amber Cangilose

In spoken word this Collection is specifically inspired by and for those we lost in battle: David Tuck (pancreatic Cancer), Vinny Garcia (Leukemia), and Justin Vicory (Melanoma)… as well as for those still battling: Hallie Wastell (Ovarian Cancer), and Jef Kopp (so far the best to come up with his health symptoms are:”Protein-Losing Auto-Immune Enteropathy”)… Equillibrium will likely be doing a design just for Jef, and another just for Hallie- where 50% of proceeds will go directly to them for whatever they need. We must make sure our warriors aren’t wasting their energy worrying about money of all things!

These are people from our CORE, our heart, that we have had well over a decade of history with. They have all been paver’s for many through out their lives, the kind of people this world can’t afford to lose. We must rally to let them know they are not alone, this battle will be won.

Insight to know what cell mutating cancer and bad bugs like is your first line of defense: processed refined foods, sugar in all forms and lots of it, anaerobic environments in your body (so BREATH, DEEP), stress, immune compromising situations, low pH (below 6.5) and acidic environments, excess dairy in your diet, poor air and water quality. Check out the latest about global consumption of dirty coal.These are things we can somewhat mitigate by conscious choices we make with consumption through out our lives. There is also the genetic factor, for which we have no control… but we believe this disease can be defeated. Many Warriors are now Veteran Survivors. We will never get sick of “YES WE CAN!”

An easy, small, sustainable, fashionable part you can play in this is to pre-order the EQ “Stinker” from the “Bodhi Collection” today!!! The sooner this production is under way to say, ” #cancerSTINKS “, the sooner we will launch the next up for pre-orders! We will also keep you posted on the Kopp and Wastell T’s to come!!! Oi, we love you and thank you for your continued support of 14+ years… that is what gives us permission to keep on keeping on doing what we do, how we do! Equillibrium is “From the CORE, for the CORE! LIVE it, LOVE it, WEAR it!”

Bee Aware…

Bee aware

This is a collaborative entry by Equillibrium , our Core Sales Representative Cara Kruse Gurule, and Pamela Henriksen. Like Equillibrium, Cara seeks to foster education to consumers. In this blog Cara interviews Pamela Henriksen, a studied biologist and bee keeper in SoCal who inspired us to help spread the word. We would be obliged to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

Honeybee pollenating Echinacea in Cara’s backyard in Denver.

Honeybee pollenating Echinacea in Cara’s backyard in Denver.

 Did you know the bees have affected every 3rd bite of food humans eat? This is due to pollination, as she travels from flower to flower. Did you also know the worker bees are always female? That’s right ladies, hats off to you in this species. A colony consists of one queen, all her worker bees and a small percentage of drones (male bees). All of the female worker bees divide their tasks up as: nurse bees, guard bees, housekeeping bees, undertaker bees and foraging bees to name a few. The bees will move through all roles within their short life span (45 days), with the final role as a foraging bee. The drones do not do any work within the hive. In fact, their only purpose to the colony is to spread their genes and mate with a virgin queen. The work and social dynamic of bees is generally amazing. They are integral and efficient pollinators that are an indicator species to our environment and keystone to our agricultural systems. It is very concerning that since 2006 the Bee population has declined 90% in both the US and Europe, igniting scientific communities worldwide to study why…

Many causes have been discovered to be directly affecting bee population such as: disease, parasites, environmental change-related stresses, malnutrition, pesticides and GMO crops. Recent research led us to the study of a specific pesticide, neonicotinoids (neonics), developed in the last decade. Neonics, in large doses, absolutely confuse and can kill bees. This has led to bans in Europe and Canada, though research unveiled recently are showing that alternative chemical pesticides being resorted to by farmers are far worse than the neonics, which were found generally undetectable in the reproductive blooms of many treated plants (Forbes, 2014). This has yet to play out on an agricultural level, as scientists continue to study bee populations and their patterns. It is clear that, outside of diseases, chemical pesticides are killing bees – especially when used improperly.

In order to show some perspective, we conducted an interview with Family of Equillibrium (literally – she’s Deb’s sister). Pamela Henriksen earned her Bachelor of Science Degree (from University of California- Santa Barbara) in Aquatic Biology. She is a studied and experienced biologist and environmental activist. Read what she has to say, see what interests you and act on it. Keep the buzz alive!

Pamela’s Bees, and her “Queen Sierra” in the middle

Pamela’s Bees, and her “Queen Sierra” in the middle

CKG: What sparked your interest in bees?

PH: I continued to hear and read about Colony Collapse Disorder and that our honeybees were in trouble. Being a biologist and environmental scientist I know how important the honeybees are to our lives and survival. Like a canary in a coal mine, the bees are on the front line and their plight is something we need to pay attention to. It is an indication of a major upset in the ecosystem that affects us all. I wanted to learn more about what is truly happening and what I could do to help.

CKG: What steps have you taken to learn and accustom yourself with the Beekeepers and bees?

PH: To get answers I did a brief search on the Internet and found my local beekeeper association and saw that they had free monthly meetings. What better way to figure out what is going on than to ask the folks that work with the bees themselves. I showed up at a meeting and was almost instantly hooked. Fascinated by what I was hearing and seeing, I kept attending the meetings to learn more. I had fallen in love with the world of the honeybee. I knew I had to get a hive and work with them first hand.

 Deb (Equillibrium) and Pamela Henriksen (left to right). Sisters by both blood and kindred spirits…

Deb (Equillibrium) and Pamela Henriksen (left to right). Sisters by both blood and kindred spirits…


CKG: How have Neonics affected the honeybee population and what can we do to grow populations? On a small and large level?              

PH: I can’t fully answer this question. All I can tell you is that in my research colony collapse disorder can’t be pinned on any one thing but rather a cumulative storm of things. There is no question in my mind that neonicotonoids has had and continues to have a devastating impact on the honeybees but there is soo much more to this conversation that is not being talked about.

What most people don’t know is that the preferred honeybee for commercial beekeepers is the Western or European honeybee, species Apis mellifera. Due to its gentle and docile characteristics, good foraging habits and honey yields, this species has been breed for decades. The overbreeding of this species has not been without consequence. It has created a bee that may not be well suited to today’s ever changing environment. We are rapidly losing our open spaces and native plants with which the honeybee depends on for development.

 On top of that, the commercial bees we hear so much about are stressed by being moved from one part of the country to another for pollination of monocrops for months at a time. This has an impact on the bees’ nutritional needs and stresses them out. Imagine, eating primarily one thing for months at a time. You wouldn’t be getting all the important nutrients you need to support a healthy immune system. Add to that, an ever increasing load of toxins due to pesticide and fungicide use, and your already stressed out body would become incredibly susceptible to disease and attack by parasites. This is what is happening to our honeybees. Once the honeybees are under siege by parasites or disease, they are treated with antibiotics and other pest controls which also add to the dilemma.   As you can see this is a COMPLEX issue.

 What can YOU do about it?

Maintain wild open spaces, plant an organic bee friendly garden (watch out for GM plants), buy organically grown produce, buy honey only from local sustainable sources, support legislature banning neonicotinoids and harmful pesticides and fungicides, join your local beekeeper association, become a beekeeper, get in on the conversation and spread the message! We are all in this together… the first step is awareness. But, action MUST follow!!!

CKG: What about this experience was exciting and inspiring?

PH: It’s all been exciting and inspiring. I have learned soo much from the bees! Each time I visit the hive they show me something new. I take great pleasure being in their presence. Also in listening to the low buzz they emit, feeling their vibration and watching their behavior, they are absolutely amazing!

CKG: Where do you wish to take this on an individual level?

PH: I am currently working at a local urban biodynamic farm in Laguna Beach, Ca and helping them develop a curriculum to teach the community about bees and beekeeping. I hope to bring this awareness to others, peek their curiosity and inspire then to learn more about bees, beekeeping, being a good steward to the land and themselves J


Pamela working with her girls…

                                               Pamela working with her girls…


As activists like Pamela show, the average person can help in this fight. There are numerous ways, but the easiest way to start is by shopping farm to table and seeking out organics that help bee communities thrive. Here is a list of Farmer’s Markets: Denver Metro Farmers Markets. Check for markets in your area to support local, organic farming. By utilizing the 60% of the United States that is privately owned and organically farming our own gardens, there will be a reduction in chemical pesticide use and a positive impact the ecosystems directly around us. There is a lot of positive impact consumers can make to help stop Colony Collapse Disorder amongst our honeybees, through a mass collective movement to ban harmful pesticides, avoid neonics and buying plants from local, organic farm outlets (NEVER from big box stores!) there stands a chance to sustain our future with honeybees.

Live it!


Deb’s Pic of Am at Carbondale Run 2006- she made the graphic design for the Equillibrium AVC Memorial T from this…


Equillibrium’s original BLK on WHT AVC Memorial T 2013

Amber RIPPING in the OC 2005

Amber RIPPING in the OC 2005


Typical antics… Am Bam!

As summer arrives, vibrant and bright, we treasure the memories and vibration of a Sk8 Byrd (aka Sk8 Sister) who’s wings fluttered with grace and style. Amber Victoria Cangilose passed Father’s Day 2013, and we will never be the same. We held her memorial jam on her birthday (Summer Solstice & International GO Skateboarding Day 6/21) in Denver at her old stomping grounds, D-Park.

Amber Cangilose Memorial D-Park Denver, CO 6/21/13

Amber Cangilose Memorial D-Park Denver, CO 6/21/13


The Spencer Girls rolling for Amber 6/21/13


Deb Henriksen F/S slasher 6/21/13 4 Am

Equillibrium President/CEO Deb Henriksen- F/S slasher 4 Am 6/21/13


50/50 on the spine to transfer … one of Am’s lines in the handicap was to drop in the deep and transfer over the spine…


Air for Am 6/21/13

To keep her spirit and love of skate boarding alive, we collaborated with Ashley Mott (from Bad Egg Zine and Colorado Coalition for Public Skateparks), Walter Pourier (from the Stronghold Society), Jim Murphy (from Wounded Knee Skateboards), Chris Mearkle (from East Coast Ramp Design– 5.9), and the BAD ASS Mr. Bill Danforth Himself to create the Annual Amber Cangilose Memorial Girl’s Bowl Competition at the OneGathering.


One Gathering and Amber Memorial Girl’s Bowl Comp 2014



Walt Pourier (SHS) and Deb Henriksen (Equillibrium) at the One Gathering 2013


Equillibrium Tent at 2013 One Gathering


Our Chelsea McCabe killing it at last year’s comp… took 2nd!

We hope you are all EXCITED for this year’s event to CELEBRATE LIFE, EACH OTHER, and SK8BOARDING ! This is how Amber would want her memory and butterfly effect to be, and so it shall be… so, get your decks gripped, trucks loosened (or tightened), and bearings greased- we’re having an all girl’s show down at the handicap bowl! Hope you enter, and CAN’T WAIT to see you all there! Schwag has been donated by Equillibrium Clothing, Brother’s Boards in Aurora to name a few…  and always accepting more- contact EQLBRM or SHS for donations.

Lastly, like last year’s memorial jam, Equillibrium will have Calla Lillies at the One Gathering to plant in honor of Amber’s life, love, and light after the contest is over…


L to R, EQ and Xavier gal Cara Kruse Gurule, Am’s cousin Becka, EQ and Xavier gal Deb Henriksen, EQ and Xavier Gal Lisa Huff at Am’s Memorial Jam 6/21/13



Nysa and Lisa planting Calla Lillies for Amber <3

Nysa and Lisa planting Calla Lillies for Amber ❤

Denver Fashion Weekend 2013 Equillibrium Recap

When we got the invite to show at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend 2013, the answer to Charlie Price was immediately YES! As expected, Charlie delivered. We hope everyone feels we did as well. Equillibrium is very pleased with the end result of the fashion show production… here’s the anticipated video for all who missed it!

YouTube Video of Equillibrium at DFW 2013

YouTube Video of Equillibrium at DFW 2013

For those not familiar with us, we’d like to share a blog we wrote a few years ago about our business ethics and moral code for sourcing materials for our products.  “Equillibrium’s Transparent ‘UP’ Side”

As a leader in conscious fashion design, Equillibrium’s creator and designer, Deb Henriksen, LEED AP BD+C, also got a blog interview from the West Word we’d love for you to check out: Equillibrium Clothing Represents Sustainability at DFW 2013  .

EQ behind the scenes shot DFW 2013


EQ Behind the Scenes DFW 2013

BIG UPS and HUGE thank U to ALL involved for this gr8 event, Denver Fashion Weekend 2013… We’d like to name a special few: 303 Magazine, Charlie Price, Jonelle, Ramon, and Hallie from Evolution Salon, Mona Lucero, Margaret and Christine Cutter, Lisa Huff, Ben Owens, models: Kelsey, Karly, Wendy, and Madison.

Equillibrium is in Season!

Holiday Season 2013
has officially begun! We are happy to announce our schedule is full of great events through the end of the year. We hope you can make it to one, a few, or ALL on the calendar- Equillibrium is looking forward to every one of them!

EQUILLIBRIUM "From the CORE, for the CORE!"

First event coming up is 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend  Nov. 9-10. Equillibrium will be showing some of its latest looks for sustainable street wear on Saturday Nov. 9th around 9pm. The show will have the usual mix of couture and ready wear styled to please, with a special message to everyone in the crowd…

This is the perfect quick lead in to announce an added public hearing on Nov.19th in Denver, CO by the USFWS – regarding the delisting of the Grey Wolf and ESA protections in the lower 48 . Fight to #standforwolves and #stoptheslaughter. We hope you will ALL HOWL- we are and WILL LOUDLY…

NEXT- we are kicking off the Holidays at Wazee Union‘s Artisan’s Market on #SmallBusinessSaturday !!!Artisan Market at Wazee Union 11/10/13

And if you missed that opportunity to check us out, fear not! There is an Equillibrium 2013 Holiday Trunk Show on Dec. 14th at our Show Room in Denver! We will be paying it forward on this day with special in house treatment to all who make it!!! 10% of sales will go to one of 3 non-profits of your choice with your purchase.

FB event invite

(click on pick to link to Event on FB)

The first non-profit to announce is for a great “” campaign. Kidneys for someone very special and personal to Equillibrium- Sofi Garcia . Please read about her…Sofi Garcia

The second non-profit is for all of us who advocate for wolf education and protection- Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.
CWWC Divide, CO!

The third non-profit is still being researched, however it will be a Colorado non-profit for natural disaster recovery from the floods and fires experienced here in 2013… we are currently deciding on one, TBA.

Thank you for all your support, we couldn’t be making the strides we are without it!  “From the CORE, for the CORE… LIVE IT, LOVE IT, WEAR IT!”

Life changing

Summer has come, and it seems to have already gone. Within the past 3 months, several life changing events have occurred.  We acknowledge it is over due to address what has forever changed our Colorado Skate Family. We lost two of our original crew, Amber Cangilose (1976-2013) and Dave Tuck (1969-2013). These are hard losses to write about as Amber and Dave are two of our favorites…

AmC2003Amber passed away in June, one week before her 37th Birthday on the 21st. In Amber’s honor, we held a memorial skate jam at Denver Park on June 21st, also International Go Skateboarding Day. We also have an announcement regarding keeping Amber’s love, passion, and energy around. Equillibrium is honored to approve and sponsor the Annual Amber Cangilose Girl’s Bowl Competition at the Strong Hold Society’s One Gathering held at Denver Park every summer in July. We have a memorial T for Amber (below) being sold to fund raise for “Amber’s Angels” (home girls) and family out of state to be in Denver for the 2nd Annual Amber Cangilose Girl’s Bowl Competition!  (Click on pick below to purchase your T on Etsy!)


TuckSlide copy

Tuck slippin’ and slidin’ at Skate Colorado House with Amber Cangilose and Lisa Huff in the background… family…. circa 2000


Equillibrium Tuck Rasta Heart hung at Arvada Park on Dave’s 44th B-Day 8/1/13

The next hit was loosing Tuck… 2 years ago Dave was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer… this Lion (he’s a Leo) fought one hell of a fight with amazing bravery. We LOVE Dave, always have and always will… and from him we are blessed to have his surviving family to watch over and love. On that note, we also have a memorial T for Dave… proceeds will go to the non-profit Dave started, Strap in for Life. Dave wanted to leave something for boarders fighting cancer, and a source for support… inspired by Grind for Life, a non-profit for skateboarders with cancer. Equillibrium will also be a continued sponsor/ supporter of the Annual Camtest, now always in Dave Tuck’s honor…  (Click on pick below to purchase your T on Etsy!)EQ_TAmemT

Amber and Dave were two of the brightest flames we’ve known, their passion and smiles were contagious. We cherish the times and memories that will forever bring smiles of our own… we will NEVER forget!

These memorial T’s are a part of Equillibrium’s Benefit T series and are available at Equillibrium Show Room or online now, and at an Authorized Equillibrium Dealer near you this Holiday Season.  “FROM THE CORE, FOR THE CORE… LIVE IT, LOVE IT, WEAR IT!”

… an equation for LIFE!

ImageThis past weekend was the 6th annual CAMTEST, Dave Tuck Invitational, Skateboard Contest and Jam. Not only was the sk8ing EPIC, but the event continues to embody the times and ties of our history. As a brand, we could not be more proud of our roots. Following our passions in life has lead to who we are today and will be tomorrow. The blood runs thick and the family is only growing.

This leads to a couple of introductions. First, Equillibrium is proud to announce Cara Kruse is now our CORE Sales Representative. Founder Deb Henriksen and Cara have known each other through skateboarding for the past 15 years and counting. Cara’s experiences and training from prior jobs has groomed her perfectly for this position with Equillibrium, and at the perfect time. Besides being heavily focused on outside sales, Cara will also be guest blogging. We are very excited!

Equillibrium Punk Moto Jacket

Equillibrium CORE Classics (EQ CC)

Secondly, Equillibrium will soon be launching our new CORE Classic (EQ CC) line this August 2013. Equillibrium Core Classics (EQ CC) will be a static line, available year-round, with select pieces being added over time. This line embodies the timeless street style and energy Equillibrium represents and will be available online, at “CORE Retailers”, and in our show room in Denver, CO. This is an exciting new approach for us in ready to wear, and will reinforce our relevance in street fashion. So far, the line consists of some basic hand bags and accessories, EQ Classic prints on T’s, a “seditionary” button up, and LOTS of black denim pieces (TBA- top secret)! All sourced and manufactured the Equilibrium way, sustainably and ethically… with a heavy dose of handy work and love. There are many exciting plans for Equillibrium ahead; we’ll be keeping you posted!

oslo copy