Summer is in balance with Equillibrium, a brand that gives !

SunflowerSummer is in full swing and we’d like to share with you some kool events Equillibrium will be a part of!

Equillibrium's Pillow Dress Donation

Equillibrium’s Pillow Dress Donation for Fashion Denver’s 2015 Dress Drive

First, quickly approaching event is this Saturday; June 14, 2015 at Studio Salon put on by Fashion Denver. It is a dress drive, we dropped off our dress donation yesterday (see pick to the left). Click here to read more about it on the Fashion Denver Website.

Next up on the roster is for the Denver Art Museum’s Final Friday Untitled Series. Friday June 26th will be an Untitled event hosted by DAM called Habitat. 6 of Denver’s Best were invited to submit for this event. They are as follows (and not in any particular order): Olivia McLean (ViVi), Deb Henriksen (Equillibrium), Mondo Guerra (Mondo), Sun Rose Iron Shell (Warrior Status), Sarah Folzenlogen (LoHi Bags), and Brandi Shigley (B. Shigley Designs). We are each given 1YD of natural cotton broadcloth to print on and make a bag from. Our pieces will be on display, and we aill have a panel discussion on our design concepts and what Habitat means to us. We LOVE it when topics like this merge into fashion! For Equillibrium and our customers, they are very related at all times. Hope to see you there at this special Untitled: “Habitat” event…

Fragile Xpressions Fashion Show benefit for Children's Hospital

Fragile Xpressions Fashion Show benefit for Children’s Hospital

As we recover from Summer Solstice 2015/ Go Skateboarding Day, no time is wasted. Our Creator, Deb Henriksen, will be again participating as a judge in Fragile Xpressions– a fundraiser fashion show for Children’s Hospital on Sunday June 21, 2015 at the Tivoli Center Downtown Denver. The designer challenge is to created a look from up-cycled denim. The dresses will go to auction to raise money for the Hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.29.27 PM

2nd Annual Dave Tuck Memeorial Pool Jam in Ann Arbor, MI

For those who want more action than a runway, will be in the Midwest, and sk8, a great event to attend is the 2nd Annual Dave Tuck Memorial Pool Jam at Tuck’s Hometown of Ann Arbor, MI. EQ donated some product for the event. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go to Michigan due to scheduling conflicts at the end of June.

In July, The Stronghold Society’s One Gathering at Denver Park will be hosting the third annual Amber Cangilose Memorial Girl’s Pool Jam Competition. The event and charity associated promote living life with passion. Please click the link for the event and learn more about the Stronghold Society. We are proud to be a part every year and collaborate with others who’s work is close to our heart… we will be popped up at this event. Look for the Equillibrium arrows and B/W awning stripes, say HI!

3rd annual AC Memorial Girl's Jam at Stronghold Society's One Gathering 2015 Denver Park

3rd annual AC Memorial Girl’s Jam at Stronghold Society’s One Gathering 2015 Denver Park

Equillibrium’s 2014 in review, thank you! prepared a 2014 annual report for Equillibrium’s blog that gave interesting insight we’d like to share with YOU! Thank you for following us, $upporting us, and engaging in activism when called. We celebrate you with all our successes from 2014!!! Collectively, consumers can change the world by voting with their dollars and rewarding good ethics, responsibility, sustainability, and craftsmanship whenever possible with purchases. Here’s to more prosperity in 2015, with broader reach and influence for the better good through fashion. WE LOVE U, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 610 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Equillibrium is a Fashion Brand with FIERCE Intentions…

EQstinkWe’ll just come out with it. CANCER STINKS!!! The past five years have been plagued with this word, and new warriors have been recruited into the fight along the way. Some we’ve lost and some survived only to return to battle again, and for others the battle rages on. Helpless does not begin to describe the feeling that overwhelms you as loved ones are recruited, forcing you to wonder if you’re next.

Equillibrium would like to contribute to the war against cancer in the way we are best able. A few weeks back we introduced, and launched the Bodhi Collection. A Collection we started for our store on TheCotery. We thought long and hard about what, why, how we could make it work with Equillibrium’s high standards for sustainability. Our founder, Deb Henriksen, did an interview with TheCotery to further explain the decision and design process for this project.


There are 12 days left to get the first T- into production, tell cancer it STINKS, and get money into a hospital making progress against this disease- St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 10% of proceeds will be donated directly to St. Jude’s specifically for research for a cure, and preventative medicine!


Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.52.48 PM

EQ “Stinker” T for EQuillibrium’s “Bodhi Collection” on TheCotery


Equillibrium 2015 LB shoot “SK8” pictured: Jenni Helms & Whiskey Tee Steve Babirad Photography …. in loving memory of Dave Tuck and Amber Cangilose

In spoken word this Collection is specifically inspired by and for those we lost in battle: David Tuck (pancreatic Cancer), Vinny Garcia (Leukemia), and Justin Vicory (Melanoma)… as well as for those still battling: Hallie Wastell (Ovarian Cancer), and Jef Kopp (so far the best to come up with his health symptoms are:”Protein-Losing Auto-Immune Enteropathy”)… Equillibrium will likely be doing a design just for Jef, and another just for Hallie- where 50% of proceeds will go directly to them for whatever they need. We must make sure our warriors aren’t wasting their energy worrying about money of all things!

These are people from our CORE, our heart, that we have had well over a decade of history with. They have all been paver’s for many through out their lives, the kind of people this world can’t afford to lose. We must rally to let them know they are not alone, this battle will be won.

Insight to know what cell mutating cancer and bad bugs like is your first line of defense: processed refined foods, sugar in all forms and lots of it, anaerobic environments in your body (so BREATH, DEEP), stress, immune compromising situations, low pH (below 6.5) and acidic environments, excess dairy in your diet, poor air and water quality. Check out the latest about global consumption of dirty coal.These are things we can somewhat mitigate by conscious choices we make with consumption through out our lives. There is also the genetic factor, for which we have no control… but we believe this disease can be defeated. Many Warriors are now Veteran Survivors. We will never get sick of “YES WE CAN!”

An easy, small, sustainable, fashionable part you can play in this is to pre-order the EQ “Stinker” from the “Bodhi Collection” today!!! The sooner this production is under way to say, ” #cancerSTINKS “, the sooner we will launch the next up for pre-orders! We will also keep you posted on the Kopp and Wastell T’s to come!!! Oi, we love you and thank you for your continued support of 14+ years… that is what gives us permission to keep on keeping on doing what we do, how we do! Equillibrium is “From the CORE, for the CORE! LIVE it, LOVE it, WEAR it!”

Denver Fashion Weekend 2013 Equillibrium Recap

When we got the invite to show at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend 2013, the answer to Charlie Price was immediately YES! As expected, Charlie delivered. We hope everyone feels we did as well. Equillibrium is very pleased with the end result of the fashion show production… here’s the anticipated video for all who missed it!

YouTube Video of Equillibrium at DFW 2013

YouTube Video of Equillibrium at DFW 2013

For those not familiar with us, we’d like to share a blog we wrote a few years ago about our business ethics and moral code for sourcing materials for our products.  “Equillibrium’s Transparent ‘UP’ Side”

As a leader in conscious fashion design, Equillibrium’s creator and designer, Deb Henriksen, LEED AP BD+C, also got a blog interview from the West Word we’d love for you to check out: Equillibrium Clothing Represents Sustainability at DFW 2013  .

EQ behind the scenes shot DFW 2013


EQ Behind the Scenes DFW 2013

BIG UPS and HUGE thank U to ALL involved for this gr8 event, Denver Fashion Weekend 2013… We’d like to name a special few: 303 Magazine, Charlie Price, Jonelle, Ramon, and Hallie from Evolution Salon, Mona Lucero, Margaret and Christine Cutter, Lisa Huff, Ben Owens, models: Kelsey, Karly, Wendy, and Madison.


That is the biggest question and obstacle for us to answer. Often over looked, and human behavior mirrors the oversight in many serious issues facing us today. HOW? This question addresses the grey area, where answers are… it is time to address asking it and seeking the answer.

In efforts to keeping this light and digestible, there won’t be a lot of detail in this blog… but a general concept with examples of what happens when individuals are not held responsible for HOW?, undesired consequences, and the thought process for solutions.

There are several tangible examples of the rights of an individual overriding the collective majority’s rights. The biggest examples, with irreversible consequences within our lifetimes if not stopped immediately, is the premature delisting of predator species like the Grey Wolf and the Keystone Pipeline for tar sands refinery… ironically the two issues have become directly connected to each other in Northern Canada. PBS recently produced a special “Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo”, that goes into greater detail how the two are related (highly suggested you watch).

There are serious violations occurring as we speak with regards to profit being placed before people and planet. This is where we get to the consequences of this mindset.

When we are only focussed on what is good for ourselves and disconnect from the responsibility and butterfly effects of our decisions, we may not get what we want as a result… ignorance is ignorance, we know better than what the Oil and Gas Industry are feeding us regarding natural gas, tar sands, arctic drilling. The risks involved should not be solely a shareholder’s stake when it gambles our wildlife, our water, and our lands- such proposals scientifically and for the best interests of the human race should not be considered. Human consumption and behavior through education along with gradual restructuring of the grid becoming diversified (notice how the word diversified was used) with a variety of renewables along with intelligent green building development for efficiency. See the difference? Solutions presented to resolve a situation not only answers HOW?, but HOW? reveals the intent… and we must dig beyond our own.

It is disheartening how our wolves and other great predators on land and at sea are being tortured. Beyond that, the issues coming to light on Asia with animal cruelty  (especially China’s Dog and Cat Meat Industries- yep that is right Dog and Cat Meat Industries- google it, man should not eat his best friend) should motivate everyone to boycott “made in China”. BOYCOTT Walmart, who is basically a partner in their government due to their commercial power as a retailer. Walmart “Moms” if you ask me are a perfect example of “the road to hell is paved with good intent”. No question they mean well for their family, however their short sightedness is creating a serious situation for future generations by empowering this irresponsible Country with the lure of “low prices”. Didn’t even mention their military’s hacking and security issues pending on the USA daily. A SERIOUS oversight in cost of goods.

Look at what is happening with the discovery of nuclear fission… as Einstein said (knowing the half lives of Uranium isotopes all to well), that’s a hell of a way to boil water- criticizing the use of nuclear fission for steam powered turbine energy production. Ummm FUKUSHIMA, nuff said.

Another example of an individual’s choice messing up the balance for the rest of us, who in the lower 48 have paid billions in tax dollars on the program, is the attack on our wolves. Every radio collar on a studied, tagged, and collared wolf cost $3,000 – $4,000. Just last week the most famous alpha female, 823F, of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon Pack and studied for over 8yrs. and rarely ever left park boundaries- was LURED OUT OF PARK BOUNDARIES AND SHOT ON SIGHT. At least form the “trophy” pictures of the lone gunman she was not “gut shot”- a torture being acted out on wolves by hunters who want them to suffer…. yeah, sick in the head! Now, just looking at the money invested in 832F, in the face of the USA’s deficit may I ask WTF?! Not all hunters are environmentalists, in fact few are- it all depends in the HOW? as well as the WHAT? and the WHY? in ALL circumstances with killing. Our own policies for the US fish and Wildlife Service is questionable in the old school, outdated kill methods encouraged. This behavior must change, and that will only happen when the mindset changes, which will only happen through education with conviction to stand for ethics and environment over economy- knowing, the economics won’t be sacrificed. In the long term it will pay off abundantly.

Here are some other resources to get fluent on the wolf situation of you are not already: Howling for Justice (all of her blogs are worth a look, VERY thorough and accurate with ways to activate), HOWL Colorado, Protect America’s Wolves (PAW) this FB page exposes some very hard to see and read issues with campaigns to activate, Mission Wolf– a wolf sanctuary focussed on education and saving captured/ injured wolves and hybrids.

O.k., now back to the wolf issue,  watch this trailer for “Wild Things” proof with compromise, we can coexist. Wolves can teach us so much, but ignorant and scared tough guys are killing them off since their delisting in 2009 at a rate that is increasing each season hunts are allowed and wolves will not recover from. Thanks a lot to “YEEHAW” Ken Salazar and the Obama Administration- in the areas of wildlife policy, ethics in hunting policies, and their dedication to combat global warming/ our environment, they are not walking a straight walk. In fact did you know wolves represent carbon offsets? Yes, that is right… they are being killed because of the methane producing, flora destroying Cattle Industry (which with effort by ranchers to work the herd can coexist) in this day and age of human health and global warming having a stare down – highlighting the way to sustainable choices in policy. Scientifically speaking, it makes as much sense as trophy hunting (look up #killthetrade and WWF)and hunting predators…. NONE! Eliminating the best genes in the pool hurts the herd, the pack, and the environment, therefore ALL of us.

It is time folks, things have come to  head. This blog is meant to get you to think, get bothered, and make a stand for the better way for HOW we are doing things. In whatever aspect it applies, ask “how?”, asses ALL costs (beyond $), and make a conscious choice to work towards a desirable outcome. Yes this will require effort, yes this will require compromise, and yes the benefits will go beyond description on the way you will feel- knowing your intent, acting on it, and showing how you do. Good stuff, apply it!Image

We see you…


Equillibrium Wolf Mask made from 100% upcycled goat fur (both looks in shot Equillibrium Kustoms line F/W 2013- Whiteout 2013 Fashion Show)

We hear you… we will not allow the mistakes of the past to repeat. We will not engage in the acts of fear and hatred but prevail in the light of LOVE, TRUTH, and FAITH! Faith our beloved wolves agreed to teach us a lesson with their howls of sorrow. We see you mirror back to us the weaknesses in our own society’s social structure and disconnect from each other, by not respecting the strength of the wolves’ family bonds… and not trusting nature. States have sold out for revenues through licensing and special interests of Industry for profit margins… we are threatening species, land, air, water, and spiting the noses on our faces through our “hunts” on apex predators and keystone species.

We can coexist, we MUST coexist. We NEED the wolf, however the wolf is better off without the likes of us unless policy and behavior CHANGE! Industry practices MUST change to coexist! Consumers must demand this, for ethics be an ingredient in products of all kinds. We are human and therefore humane, it is time we ALL live like it in 2013! If there is no demand, hunters and poachers will STOP! There must be shame in certain animal trades, not pride, take the asian ivory trade for example… Japanese whaling as another… Polar Bear trade in Canada, Shark finning in Costa Rica, and it goes on and on and on… the common thread is irresponsible consumption creating ignorant demand by the human. Well, get BOTHERED and GET ENLIGHTENED! Make a stand, not as an irate hippie, but as an educated and compassionate human being striving for the middle… fighting for logic and truth!

Also  may I suggest you follow Howling for Justice here on WP- she is on it! Howl Colorado is another, linking to more… These are excellent resources to activate your inner wolf warrior and stand for truth in science for coexistence! This is one of many fronts to protect our predators, they ALL need our voice to be heard!

This year we have and will HOWL louder than ever! Please join us,  get engaged in this issue. We will keep you posted with what we’ve got in the works… you will LOVE IT, and it will be a collaboration of forces also likely to involve a runway!